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How The program works
Here's a step-by-step list of how to run our easy art fundraiser.
easy art fundraiser 

Call or email us to request the drawing boards.
We will provide you with a sufficient number of drawing boards, the forms,
and a poster for your school.
rembrandt graphics Inc

Distribute to your students
Fill out the top of the Order Form and photocopy. Staple the Drawing Board,
Order Form & Color Flyer and distribute them to each student. If possible,
have your students work on their drawings in their art class, you'll see
the quality of the drawings (and your profits) increase when
there's teacher instruction.

Collect the orders
Gather the orders and drawing boards. Collate them according to classroom.
Photocopy the Classroom List and write each teacher's name on top.
Transfer each order to the classroom lists and paper clip all the
corresponding drawing boards.

easy art fundraiser

Fill out the Master Order Form

Do this by tallying up the orders from all Classroom Lists. The
Grand Total on the Master Order Form is the balance due when
you ship your order.

drawing boards

Pack up the Classroom Lists with their Drawing Boards,
Master Order Form and check payable to:

Rembrandt Graphics Inc.


Mail to: 24 Goose Hill Road Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724


You will receive an email confirmation when
your orders arrive.








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