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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?

No we have no minimum order.

Is there a shipping fee?
No.We ship for FREE to your school.

Does Rembrandt accept credit cards?

Of course. Parents can order their custom products online and use any major credit card.

How much money will our school make?

Please visit our prices and profits page for a comprehensive chart indicating the profit margin per item.
How much time is needed to run the program?

We need about 4 weeks to produce and ship your finished products. You should give your parents about 1 week to place an order. Give yourself a couple of days to process and collate the orders.

Here's a general fundraising schedule outlined on a calendar.

schedule rembrandt

Do the Children have to do the drawings in School?

No, children can do their drawings either at home or in school. If your art teacher cannott fit this program into their curriculum, you simply have the children do the drawings at home. Here, siblings oftentimes will participate.
Does Rembrandt work with non profit organizations?
We work with schools, churches, non profit organizations. If your group has a tax id number as a 5013C, we are happy to work with you through our creative fundraiser.
Can a student submit more than one drawing?
Yes! Children may draw and submit as many illustrations as they would like.

Can Rembrandt ship to someone's home?

Orders placed here will be shipped to your home. Shipping is FREE.
Can parents contact you directly with specific questions?
Yes, absolutely. Questions can be emailed to: leslie@rgidesign.net. Or you may call us
at 631-824-7897
What if the drawing gets creased in the children's backpacks?
It's fine if some get creased - our
graphics deptartment will fix the creases and smudges.
Can our students use paints, feathers, stickers and stamps on their drawings?
Yes! Children can get use any materials they'd like. (We only ask that they not use beads)
Can siblings participate?

Yes. We love to have siblings participate! Their finished order will be delivered to their siblings' classroom.

For further information, visit Parent/Student FAQ's page where you'll
read more detailed FAQ's.

Feel free to email your questions, we will promptly respond!

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