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Fundraiser Coordinators

Your school gave you the go-ahead to run the program? Sweet! Feel free to email us if you have any questions along the way.

Some FAQs

What if we can't do the drawings in school?

That's fine, you can send the Drawing Boards home and the children's will do their work at home.


Can parents
contact you directly?

Yes, absolutely. Questions can be
emailed to leslie@rgidesign.net

or they may call



What do we do when parents miss the deadline?

We suggest shipping the on-time orders on your assigned date, then send all the late orders together. Keep us posted on when the lates are coming.


We have parents who ordered online, What do
I do with their order receipts and Drawing Boards?

Send them all in with the rest of the orders.


(See details about online orders).


What if a parent made their check payable to Rembrandt Graphics?



What if I get a call from a parent who isn't pleased with their product?

Contact us at
631-824-7897, or email. We will explore the order and 99% of the time we reprint and ship directly to your family's home.

Our customer service is second to none and we pride ourselves on our efforts we make to be sure all students are happy with their product outcome. Please don't hesitate to let us know any questions about your orders.


Some parents made their check payable to Rembrandt Graphics. What do I do with them

You may send those checks to Rembrandt Graphics, we will reimburse you for the difference.







To Do List


Schedule your fundraiser

Let us know when you want your orders delivered.
Give your families about 7-9 days with the order form
(see calendar below, days in red).

Allow a few days to collate your orders.

We need about 4 weeks for production and shipping.

Here's a sample of a typical fundraising schedule:

fundraiser coordinator


Get the message out with these
marketing tips

Link us to your school website

Send this link to your webmaster and let your parents know they can access Rembrandt Graphics through your school website. Once this is done, parents can print more drawing boards, order online, or print out a paper order form.


facebook ... twitter

Like us on Facebook and twitter

Keep us in your social circle. We have lots of artistic resources, fabulous artwork, and cool links on our facebook page.


Post the due date on your school calendar

Make sure everyone knows about the
fundraiser deadline!

Include a message on your school take-home flyer
to let your parents know.

Every school has a take-home flyer that keeps parents informed. It's a great place to let your parents know about the up-coming fundraiser
to create some anticipation.

Hang our poster

We'll be sending you a 11" x 17' poster for your school bulletin board.


Speak to your school staff to learn if the students can complete the artwork in class.

We recommend your art teacher oversee the student's drawings in class. By doing so, the drawings are amazing and your sales are higher too.
If your school is unable to incorporate this into the curriculum, simply send the Order Forms home with blank Drawing Boards.



Prepare the take-home packets and distribute
to the students

Fill out the top of the Order Form and photocopy one for each student. Staple together a Drawing Board, the Order Form and our Color Flyer. Send home in the children's backpacks.



When orders come back to school


Review each illustration

Be sure the children's names, teachers name and school name are on each Drawing Board. Don't worry about white-out marks, smudges or drawings outside the border, we review each drawing and prep all work in our graphics department.



Online Orders

Students who have submitted orders online have been instructed to turn in their Drawings and a copy of their online receipt to school. These should be gathered, collated, and shipped to us with the rest of the orders, but you do not need to addd them to the Classroom List.
Online orders are processed and paid for directly to Rembrandt Graphics. A check for the profit on these sales will be made payable to your school PTO.



Photocopy the Classroom List

Make copies of the Classroom List and fill in the top with Teacher's Name and grade. Transfer your students individual order to the corresponding Classroom Lists. Print clearly. Paperclip the finished Drawing Boards to the Classroom Lists.
Online order should NOT be listed on these
Classroom Lists.



Fill out the Master Order Form

Tally up the orders from the Classroom Lists and fill in thise grand totals in the space provided on the Master Order Form. Include any special instructions.


Mail the orders in to Rembrandt

Include in your package all student's individual orders, the Classroom Lists, their Drawing Boards,
all online receipts and their Drawing Boards, The Master Order Form and a check payable Rembrandt Graphics Inc. Mail to:

24 Goose Hill Road Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724


We will send you an email confirming that your package has arrived.




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