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Help with Art For Kids.
How to overcome Artist Block with these art ideas!


"I don't know what to draw."

If this sound like you, you are not alone. Even pros get stuck finding new inspiration.

Here's a list of NON-rules (because there ARE no rules in art) if you can't decide what
to draw:


1. It's okay to copy.
Many gallerys and museums allow artists to sit and copy paintings. You can copy a technique like paint splats (Jackson Pollack) or color boxes (Mondrian) It's really okay.


2. Subject matter.
Common subject themes are family, pets. And that's great. Now, try to see your subject in a different way, like from above or below. Use a cardboard paper towel tube and look around your house. Now THERE'S a new way to see your world!


3. Take a photo first.

There are so many advantages to drawing from a photo: Your subject will stay still ~ colors are easier to see ~ if you print your picture, you can slip the photo under your paper and trace. Sadly, some young artists think this is cheating - it is really okay to trace, pros do it all the time.


4. New drawing tools and material.

Paint with sponge, draw on brown paper bag, black paper with chalk is SO much fun to use. Use feathers to spread paint around your paper.


Here are some samples:


art for kids art for kids
Chalk on brown paper.



art ideas art 5


Outlining your images makes everything stand out.



cut paper artwork

Cut up colored paper and glue to your white paper. Add some drawing
or lettering to make a multi media image.

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